Mission Statement

Water is acknowledged as the life force of all living things. Imagine a world without water – actually you couldn’t because without water there would be no you. Nothing beats water as a refresher

We see you, our visitor, as being smart, sophisticated, health and environmentally conscious. We share these same qualities with you. The leadership as well as the staff of ThinkAlkaline®  are committed as you are to health promotion, anti-aging, natural products, and innovative technology. It is our goal to share the wonderful benefits of A2O® Advanced Alkaline Water System with you. 

You can be assured that the commitment of ThinkAlkaline® is demonstrated in our drive to provide high quality product and excellent service. These are the principle of the company that has combined over 20 years of experience in the water industry. Our manufacturer, Impart International of Japan is certified with highest quality assurance. Their units are approved as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. You can be assured that when you buy from us you're getting the best in reputation, quality, and value. 

We want you, our visitor, to feel the same passion that ThinkAlkaline® has for our product. We understand that purchasing a water ionizer is an important decision but it's an investment that will have profound impact on your well-being. We believe in the preventative approaches to achieving and maintaining health provided by the natural, minerals and antioxidants in the A2O® Advanced Alkaline Water System. 

In addition, it's our promise to you that we will continue to strive for sustainability and a green environment by reducing the toxic waste generated by plastic bottles and gallons of water wasted from other types of water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis. There is no other system in the market that is a versatile and powerful as the A2O® Advanced Alkaline Water System. 


ThinkAlkaline is a division of AYRO Corporation

Think Alkaline is a division of AYRO